Friday, November 29, 2013

Hey everybody,
Thought I would take just a minute and talk about what we have been doing the last few days. Lets start with Thanksgiving day yesterday. This year we broke from tradition. Jordan is stuck down in Utah working and Tyler is on a mission. That leaves Jacob, Emily, Dianna, and me. Instead of spending 6 hours preparing food and then spending 10 minutes eating it we decided to let the good people at Black Angus Steakhouse do the work for us. And it was delicious! Before I get to the play by play of our dinner, I should mention that before our 3pm dinner reservation we decided to see the "Catching Fire" movie or as I like to call it, the Hungrier Games.

The movie was actually pretty good as movies go. Did anyone else find it weird that the movie ended similarly to the end of the 1st Breaking Dawn movie? Yes I know I have lost some serious man points by even seeing both of those movies, let alone comparing them. After the movie we were all starving so we headed to the restaurant.

We started with 2 wagon wheel samplers. We were all full after the appetizers, now that felt like traditional Thanksgiving. Then I moved on to the bleu cheese bacon wedge salad, a culinary masterpiece. The rest of the family stayed with the Caesar salad (boring). Then it was on to the main course. Teriyaki Chicken for Dianna and New York Steaks with loaded baked potatoes for me and the kids. Is anyone else getting hungry as I describe our Thanksgiving dinner? And for the grand finale there was a giant piece of chocolate cake for Jacob and me and a very large cookie with ice cream for Dianna and Emily. The true mission of Thanksgiving dinner is to allow each member of the family to tell what they are thankful for and then for everyone to eat to the point of throwing up. So, mission accomplished!

And to top it all off, we felt like humanitarians because we saved an innocent turkey somewhere in the world from a certain death. Yes, I know, we may have been a part of killing a chicken and a cow, but let's face it, they deserve to die because they are just too yummy.

I know some of you are thinking "what about shopping?" and others of you are thinking "what, no football?". Patience my friends, our day is not over just yet. When we got back home we had enough time for Jacob to put leftovers in the fridge and then we were out the door and on our way to Walmart. Jacob and I waited around for the 50" Emerson LED TV and Dianna and Emily stood in line for the videos and games. After receiving our wristband, Jacob and I went back to the Electronics and watched the football game that was on (football check). Then we went into the garden center in the back corner and made a little fort on top of the bird feed and avoided the millions of people milling about. I actually thought the girls had left and gone to Target otherwise we would have at least went over to them and made fun of them as they stood in the line.

After picking up the TV and a few other things that we probably really didn't need, we came home and set up the TV and BluRay player and put in the Green Lantern. Then we all fell peacefully into our Thanksgiving food coma and dreamed of sugarplums and puppy dogs.



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